“How come people suffer, how come people part? How come people struggle, how come people break your heart?”

-Coldplay, “Up&Up”

One of my favorite Coldplay lyrics


I could use some advice…


While I’m on here posting, I could definitely use some advice.

I really want to grow my blog. 

I feel like The Life Beneath can be something special…something that can really resonate with people and be relatable and interactive. I think the things that I have to say are important, and that was my whole reason for creating this blog.

It’s been a bit slow to start, a few followers and some likes here and there, so I’m definitely open to any advice/criticism that people may have.

Help me help others by spreading The Life Beneath across WordPress and beyond! 🙂

A Rekindling


A few days ago, I got the opportunity to do something pretty special.

Reconnect with an old friend.

There’s a long winded story and a lot of history I could dig through, but I’d rather keep it short…her and I had a disagreement about some of the decisions she had made, we got into a huge argument, and we stopped talking for a while. It was a big deal for me, because I’m usually not one to cut people out of my life, especially someone who I had once considered my best friend.

I would feel such anger towards her and sadness towards the situation from time to time. Recently though, I went through a situation similar to what she went through, and I kind of saw things through her lens.

So I texted her.

Now, this is the important part. I told her that I understood. I understood what she had felt way back then. I explained it to her based on my own experiences. I told her how hard it must have been for her, how she isn’t crazy and how she was justified in feeling all of those things. And then I apologized.

This post is for anyone who might be thinking of or wanting to reconnect with someone they may have had a regrettable falling out with. Whether you’re sad or angry, spiteful or hurting, really try to put yourself in their position. Take a walk in their shoes, block out your own thoughts and preconceptions, and see where it gets you. For me, it took going through a similar, painful situation to truly understand. But hopefully someone out there can see the things that I saw while avoiding the pain. Hopefully they can save that friendship, or relationship.

About Perfection…


I haven’t written on here in a little while, but I just realized something about myself.

I am a perfectionist.

That’s not what I realized…I already knew that part. But what I did realize is that because I am a perfectionist and have an incessant need to do things a certain way (and the right way), it sometimes hinders me from doing them at all. This has affected me in several assets of my life: relationships, academics, hobbies… And then I figured if I am feeling this, chances are someone else is too so I might as well write it down.

Right after thinking about this, it took me only a few seconds to realize the flaw in my thinking here. Because I want to work hard and do things perfectly the first time, I sometimes turn them down at fear of failure or “half assing” it. The thing is, no one does everything perfectly the first time every time.

What normally happens is you try something new or foreign, and you mess up. But from there you learn, you grow, you adapt. You keep on trying that same thing again and again and soon your mistakes and fear of those mistakes begin to wane. And who knows, maybe you get really good at it and start to truly enjoy it.

And that is what I should be focusing on. Don’t shy away from an opportunity because you’re worried about being perfect. Run towards it with the understanding that you won’t be, but with passion and diligence you can seize that opportunity and turn it into something great.